Think-Pink and Leo Burnett see breasts everywhere.

Friday, June 3, 2016 — Some weeks ago, Think-Pink won the Medialaan Fairtime Award. A priceless gift for the national association that fights for a better awareness of breast cancer. The campaign created by Leo Burnett Brussels pleased the jury so much they won the contest in both categories: TV and Radio. Think-Pink thus won a generous media budget, they could never afford under normal circumstances.

So, now they can spread the important message that women should have their breasts examined regularly. Unfortunately, they tend to neglect this important appointment in their ever so busy lives. Unless relatives or loved ones remind them to do so. The impetus can come from a family member, children, or of course the men in their lives. And everyone knows, men have a very special relationship with breasts. They are inexhaustible about them, they see them everywhere. This is the basis of this campaign, which has since been produced and broadcasted on all Medialaan TV and radio channels.

So this is a campaign for women from men, with a light and funny tone to which Think-Pink is willing to keep. Stay optimistic and keep morale are in fact, according to them, formidable weapons to fight against the disease and throughout the healing process. Regarding the production, Leo Burnett and Think-Pink appealed to the trained eye of many male, known photographers, too happy to participate in this worthy cause.​

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Brand: Think-Pink
Client: Heidi Vansevenant, Jürgen Vanpraet
Agency: Leo Burnett Brussels
Creatief Directeur: Tom Garcia
Art Director: Ivan Moons
Copywriter: Raf De Smet
Managing Partner: Kaat Danneels
Account Director: Jeroen Vernelen
Account Executive: Elodie Pagaud
Agency RTV Producer: Monique Sampermans
Production Company Radio: Cobra Radio Brewery
Producer Radio: Raf Debraekeleer, Christophe Cossement
Production Company TV: Dark Horse
Producer TV: Brigitte Baudoin
Post-production: PixMix

Think Pink