Leo Burnett creates Out Of Office Poetry for Poetry Day 2012

Tuesday, December 27, 2011 — Famous Dutch and Flemish poets’ unique poems featured in out of office replies
Poetry Day is an annual literature festival organized by The Reading Foundation (Stichting Lezen) in Belgium and the Netherlands. To announce Poetry Day 2012 Leo Burnett Brussels created an original digital campaign. Famous Dutch and Flemish poets such as Joke van Leeuwen, Stijn Vranken, Lies Van Gasse, Ester Naomi Perquin and Joe Roxy, each wrote a unique poem for an out of office reply. These poems are free to use for everyone and can be copy/pasted from the foundation's website http://www.gedichtendag.com/outofoffice


Leo Burnett Brussels created a poetic campaign for Poetry Day 2012. Instead of communicating about poetry, we put more poetry in communication. Several renowned poets had their take on an out of office reply and turned it into a poem, an Out Of Office Poem to promote Poetry Day.

The art of poetry at the very end of an e-mail chain? Where lack of inspiration translates into a very boring ‘I am currently out of the office with no access to e-mail’. Five poets sharpened their pens to write Out Of Office Poems that inform you of people’s absence and who to contact in the office during the festive season. Anyone who likes to, can copy paste a poem from www.gedichtendag.com/outofoffice and set it as an auto reply (Dutch only). Making your own out of office reply a lot more poetic this year.

Out Of Office Poetry