Leo Burnett Brussels helps you in your search for missing Panini-stickers, if you help Missing Children Europe in their search for missing children.

Thursday, July 14, 2016 — Brussels, 14 July 2016 – The EC might be over, but everyone is still looking for the missing soccer stickers to complete their Panini album. Leo Burnett Brussels uses this Panini-hype to launch a campaign for Missing Children Europe, the European federation for missing and sexually abused children. In a print advertisement and an online movie we see someone completing a sticker album with stickers of missing children. Of course, this album is not really for sale, but you can order your missing stickers for your Panini via www.missingstickers.eu. The money you pay for those, goes entirely to Missing Children Europe to support them in their search for missing children.

Since the month of April just about every soccer fan in Europe has been collecting Panini soccer stickers. With 24 national teams and over 96 pages the album is thicker than ever: you need 680 stickers to complete it. That is quite a lot. And so everybody is now frantically looking for their missing images. Now Leo Burnett Brussels and Missing Children Europe come to the rescue with a website on which you can buy your missing stickers. All proceeds will go to Missing Children Europe, to help this organisation track down its ‘missing children’. The campaign will run for one month in several European countries, including Belgium, Portugal, Italy, France and Serbia.


Watch the TV commercial here.


Credits :

Brand : Missing Children Europe
Client : Gail Rego, Delphine Moralis
Agency :  Leo Burnett Brussels
Creative Director : Tom Garcia
Creatives : Ivan Moons & Raf De Smet
Photography : Ivan Moons
Copywriting : Raf De Smet & Sophie Colens
Managing Partner : Kaat Danneels
Account Director : Jeroen Vernelen
Account Executive : Carole Hayard
PR Director : Kathy Van Looy
Design, Graphics : Mauro Cordella, Benoît Germeau
Web designer : Jeremie Acquisto
Digital Producer : Tanguy De Kelver
Agency RTV Producer: Monique Sampermans
Production Company TV: Dark Horse
Stage Manager : Guy Goossens
Actor : Streetcasting
Producer TV: Brigitte Baudine
Post-production: Mikros Image
Sound production: Bubbles

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