Leo Burnett and P&G let Bonux laundry detergent shine as the smart choice

Wednesday, November 16, 2011 — New television campaign tackles laundry advertising cliches and presents low cost as a rational buy
Leo Burnett Brussels created a new television campaign for Bonux, Procter & Gamble’s low cost laundry detergent. In 6 films directed by Dutch video artists Lernert & Sander, the biggest laundry advertising cliches get tackled. For example, Bonux argues that waving palm trees and difficult scientific words do not make a detergent any better. And anything that does not improve the product, is unnecessary for the consumer who needs value for money. Finally there is a brand that takes advantage of its low-tier position and that actually says what people have been thinking for ages.

Bonux is clean, fresh and affordable. And that sums it up perfectly because it’s everything a cheap but qualitative detergent should be. That’s why a Bonux campaign does not feature expensive, young models or trustworthy scientists with grey temples. This campaign is only about the detergent and its characteristics. And that’s more than enough for Leo Burnett to create a campaign around that upgrades Bonux to the smartest choice in the category. After all, price conscious consumers making smart, rational choices in laundry detergents deserve attention and respect instead of guilt feelings. And that’s exactly what this new campaign aims for.

The team at Leo Burnett Brussels cooperated with Monodot production company to engage Dutch video artists Lernert & Sander in this project. They used their personal visual style to create a unique graphic Bonux environment. Even the voice overs are remarkable (Dutch, French, English). Using atypical timbres and actors unheard before in advertising. This sets the campaign apart and turns it both shape-wise and content-wise into an effort that’s far from standard laundry detergent advertising. Or advertising tout court. Creative Directors Tom Loockx and Jorrit Hermans commented: ‘We think it’s fantastic how the P&G marketing team took the consumer’s side in a very fresh and open way and how they ordered a campaign that’s not only new and different but also very relevant for people shopping on a budget and looking for best value for money brands.’ Coming to a commercial break near you.

Bonux Mannequin English

Bonux Music English

Bonux Palmtree English

Bonux Regular Voice English

Bonux Science Box English

Bonux White Sheet English