Leo Burnett and Fiat prove Belgian weathermen are untouchable

Sunday, October 2, 2011 — Fiat Cabrio Days launched with radio campaign using prank calls to VTM tv and RTL tv weathermen

Leo Burnett Brussels came up with an original radio campaign to announce the Fiat Cabrio Days. The agency taped real phone calls to Frank Duboccage, the VTM weatherman, and Stéphan van Bellinghen, the RTL weatherman. During these calls, both weathermen were made indecent proposals to “slightly improve” the weather forecast on VTM and RTL television. Of course they would receive an appropriate fee to do so. However, the radio campaign proves that the Belgian weathermen are completely independent and untouchable. Just like the weather.

It takes a bit of optimism to buy a cabriolet car in Belgium. In addition, it’s a fact car brands would sell more cabriolets in Belgium if only the weather would be better. So Leo Burnett Brussels decided to arrange just that with a couple of phone calls. To the right people. 

Like Frank Duboccage, the VTM weatherman who received several interesting offers in 60 seconds. His French speaking collegue Stéphan van Bellinghen from RTL received the same treatment. Both remain untouchable, clean, honest and independent. Even when they were offered a brand new Fiat 500. Untouchable. The result is a remarkable radio campaign to announce the Fiat Cabrio Days. Fiat’s cabriolet sales weeks between March 28 and April 9 with fantastic deals on cars like the new Fiat 500 cabriolet. 

A newspaper ad clearly shows how sincere and transparant Fiat is about its cabriolet pricing policy. With a headline like: ‘If the weather would have been better in Belgium, we’d never make you offers like these on our cabriolets.’ Which of course confirms something we all knew long before: Belgium is anything but a typical cabriolet country. But that’s exactly why Fiat is able to sell some sharply priced cabriolets in Belgium (demand vs offer, as you know). The weather may not always be great in Belgium, the cabriolet deals are.