Leo Burnett and Brussels Philharmonic launch classical music ringtones

Tuesday, September 18, 2012 — Free ringtones promote label Brussels Philharmonic Recordings
Leo Burnett Brussels and Brussels Philharmonic developed classical music ringtones to promote the classical orchestra’s own record label. In collaboration with the orchestra 12 ringtones were created based upon recordings from the major symphonic repertoire. These ringtones can be downloaded free of charge via www.brusselsphilharmonic.be/ringtones. Twelve ringtones are being launched to start with, via the orchestra’s own website and iTunes.


Brussels Philharmonic aims to spread classical music actively among as broad a public as possible. Today, there are no fewer than 12 million mobile phones in Belgium, which are used to make over 40 million calls a day. That means 40 million chances every day to have classical music playing instead of a standard ringtone.

The former broadcasting orchestra wants to share classical music via digital and mobile media. A dedicated label with digital releases, a much-visited Facebook page, YouTube success and Soundcloud recordings fit perfectly with this philosophy, and free ringtones that put more people in touch with more classical music are a logical next step.